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Earthing Compounds

Copper Earthing Compound

Copper Earthing Compound

Earthing is the electrical drain path for stray energy in an electrical circuit. Grounding is the most effective method of the earthing. Inserting rods, plates, or strips the ground resistance can be reduced up to 22 %. i.e. If the original ground resistance 300 ohms it can be reduced to 66 ohms. It is essential to have a resistance value of 2 ohms for sensitive electronic and electrical equipment.

In order to achieve the required resistance value of 2 ohms and below it is essential to add minerals, hygroscopic compounds, expansion compounds and diffusion compounds to the soil. 'TEREC+' is a miracle compound comprising of all the needed additives. When 10 kg of TEREC+ is induced into the soil the required resistance value of 2 ohms can be easily achieved permanently for 15 years.

'TEREC+' is the only reliable and permanent grounding solution for the safety of human, livestock, equipment, and property.
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